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Kolton -  35" Comforser CF 3000s mounted on 18" K2 Off-Road Dome rims. 

Brock - Purchased a set of 33x12.5R20 CF3000 Mud Tires. "10500km and no appreciable wear. Smooth ride and quiet."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Anonymous - "Tested my new Comforser CF 1000 tires during our last Alberta snow storm and was blown away by the way these tires performed on my two wheel drive diesel. Stuck to the road like glue on Hwy 16 in icey conditions, also drove out on muddy snow covered gravel roads without a problem. Amazing tires! Thanks to the guys at Thor tire, I will definitely be a repeat customer."

Andy Richards - “I purchased a set of Comforser cf 1000 size 265 70 r 17 and they are great. I have run them in all conditions and I put on an average of 55000 km per year in all weather conditions and so far the Comforser tires have given me better milleage and less road noise than my BFG All Terrains. Call these guys if you want a good tire for an unbeatable price.”

Billy - Purchased a set of Comforser CF 3000 265 70 r 17. “Love these tires they are great all round for mudding in fields to driving down the highway. I even tried them out down mudding bush roads, I can say I am impressed with them and recommend them to anyone looking for good tires."

Reid - Purchased a set of Comforser CF 3000 tires and mounted them on K2 Dome off-road rims. 
Cody - "Purchased a set of Comforser Cf 3000 – 285 70 r 17.They are durable and aggressive. 7000 km and no wear signs at all. Did everything I could to beat on these tires and no wear. Performance is excellent too, pulled a guy out of a ditch through 2 feet of snow.14100 k on them. Less than 3% wear. Dig hard. Almost tore a ford f – 350 in half, pulling him out of the ditch. Aggressive enough but quiet enough on the highway. Will be buying more right quick."

Sunil -  Purchased a set of Comforser CF 3000 33*12.50 R 18 LT. “So far so good, tires look and ride awesome. Pretty quiet on the highway for such an aggressive tread pattern. Unreal price!”


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