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CF 1000 All Terrain

The CF 1000 all terrain tire line is available for passenger vehicles and light trucks. The tread delivers stability at high speeds on the road as well as excellent traction off-road. A wide variety of sipes produce enhanced traction on wet or icy roads, while also reducing noise levels while driving on roads. The sidewalls feature outlined white lettering which can be turned to face in or outwards.

CF 2000 Highway

The CF 2000 line is designed specifically to reduce wear for additional highway mileage and a longer tire life. The wide center rib ensures stable handling for high speed straight line driving and the 4 circumferential grooves evacuate water providing excellent traction in wet conditions. Thousands of zigzag sipes provide a quiet drive whatever the weather..

CF 3000 Mud & Snow

The CF 3000 line of mud tires feature an aggressive tread for maximum traction, but are uni-directional to reduce noise and wear for on-road driving. Large center and shoulder blocks provide traction in mud and snow while also easily self-cleaning. Most sizes feature outlined white lettering on the tires sidewall.

CF 4000 SUV Tire

The CF 4000 line of high performance SUV tires are the perfect on road tire for all weather conditions. An asymmetric tread design offers the best balance of ride stability and precision handling, while siping and grooves ensure excellent traction in wet conditions. The high-silica tread compound is engineered for less rolling resistance: increasing fuel economy and saving you money.